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Beldico Group, who finds its origin in 1947 through the incorporation of Continental Pharma, has been established in 2007 to become a fast growing trading organization focused on the manufacturing, import, marketing, distribution and scientific support of hospital care and laboratory products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With Marche-en-Famenne as its home base for further expansion, Beldico Group enjoys a leading position in the field of "Mother and Baby Care" through its successful introduction and marketing of disposable single use feeding bottles, breast milk collector sets, nipples and pacifiers.

Further on Beldico Group offers a wide variety of equipment, commodities and high value medical devices to various segments in both the hospital and laboratory environment.
Beldico Group focuses on segments like haemodialysis, intensive care, operation room, anaesthesiology, surgical and interventional cardiology, radiology, neonatology, diagnostics, bacteriology, virology, immunology, …

Beldico Group continues in its role of offering novel and innovative products, solutions and concepts contributing to the endless improvement of the standards in the fields it operates.

Beldico Group members are the following: International Medical Products s.a. (1984), Beldico s.a. (1987), Beldico b.v. (2004), Beldico France s.a.s. (2005) and Beldico Integrated Solutions s.a. (2007).