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Founded in 1922, GAMAIN specializes in the development of daylight for medical and industrial applications.
The company offers a unique solution on the market which consists in recreating the true daylight by mixing different light types in order to match the spectral curve of the D65 light source (daylight according to the International Commission on Illumination = CIE).

Gamain lightings provide a reference daylight which can be reproduced in any environment and which answers to the problematics of :

  • Eyestrain, generated by activities with strong visual requirements or high lighting levels
  • Colours matching and shade assessment
  • disadvantageous psychological ambience created in blank rooms

Gamain offers a wide range of ceiling lights to be recessed or hung at 90 or 150 cm from the working area, as well as colour assessment viewing booths, etc... Gamain daylight products are intended for many activities where a technical light is required : dental field, plastic, textile, art restoration,...

Gamain, more than just a name... The reference